Iron House by John Hart

by Jack

 Reviewed by Jack Everett

There are few writers I have read who I have found can confound and annoy me so much as John Hart- though not necessarily in equal measures. His plotting is clever, his characters both memorable and devious. His storyline fast and flowing, fuelled with unputdownability. His prose excellent, description at times sublime but in Iron House his description can be a little excessive, especially when it comes to torture where I feel it is sufficient to know it is taking place without having the minutiae described.

Having said all that if it is thrillers you like then you must give it a try. It is the story of two brothers Michael and Julian who, having been placed in a home-the Iron House of the title- face bullying and abuse. Michael, the strongest, feels it necessary to defend his brother against the other boys until one day Julian pushed to his limit reacts. Michael feels obliged to take the blame for his sibling’s actions and soon Julian is adopted.

Leaving the home Michael resorts to living on the streets of Spanish Harlem, fighting for everything much as before. On one particular day a fight he is in is witnessed by one Otto Kaitlin, a crime lord, who recognizes in Michael a kindred spirit and takes him home intent on making him his protégé.

Our hero finally falls in love and shows to his beloved the same kind of love he once did for his brother.

The fact that this is a rags to riches tale, or destitute makes good, like so many before it does not distract from its readability. It is easy to see why John Hart is a multiple Edgar award winner.

Advance Praise for IRON HOUSE:

“If you crave thrillers that are vividly beautiful, graphic, will make you bleed, try John Hart.” ˜ Patricia Cornwell

“Lean, hard and absolutely riveting, Iron House is a tour de force. With his best book yet, John Hart has clearly joined the top rank of thriller writers.” ˜ Vince Flynn