A Sudden Vengeance Waits by Nik Morton

by Michael

  Reviewed by Michael Parker


I’ve just finished ‘A SUDDEN VENGEANCE WAITS’ by Nik Morton. I’ve known Nik a long time now. He’s a writer, editor, publisher and illustrator. He has written in many genres including Thriller, Erotica, Western, Short Stories and magazine articles.

The novel revolves around a family and the locality in which they live, where criminals are getting away with the crimes they have committed because of the soft approach of the judicial process. It’s for this reason that one of the locals take it upon himself to exact vengeance in the form of a masked vigilante who leaves his calling card at the scene of his ‘just’ punishments. On the card is the legend ‘The Black Knight’.

What makes this novel unusual is that it is almost parochial in its narrative, using a local Press announcement of the death of an elderly woman after being frightened by a burglar. The criminal is acquitted of the crime. It is this that turns a normal, everyday man into an avenger: The Black Knight. But during the story, as one Press announcement follows another, the moral question is posed about the rights or wrongs of taking the law into your own hands, and how addictive it can be.

How many of us have been sickened by a crime only to be disgusted at the leniency of the law? Oh how we would want to dish out our own form of punishment. But where do you stop? And how long before you go over the line and commit murder in the name of justice?

This is a thought provoking story. I found myself being drawn into it gradually, just like the avenger is drawn into the compulsion to continue exacting revenge. Nik Morton’s story will demand that you stay with it and discover how far The Black Knight will go. Will he go beyond the line and will he ever stop?